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December 5, 2012

Bogdan Taran and Max Lomov are established DJ’s in Latvia doing some serious work promoting the dance music scene. One of their main activities is – an online electronic dance music station featuring some amazing and unique shows, including the Soul to Unite Radio Hour. We caught up with Bogdan to talk about him and the radio station he runs.

Bogdan Taran first started playing records in 1996-97 but his radio career started a few years earlier in 1992. “I was very young and did my first radio show on the first privately owned radio station Radio Dejas (Radio Dance) in Latvia,” he says. As a side note to everyone not too familiar with Latvian history – it was only a year earlier in 1991 when Latvia regained independence from Soviet Union and once again was exposed to western music and culture.

Since then Bogdan Taran has been busy working with different projects doing TV shows, writing for newspapers and magazines. On different FM-stations across Latvia he has hosted shows like “European Dance Top 20”, “Party Service”, “European Club & Beach Guide” and the longest running show “Dance Box” which airs in Latvia, Estonia and Moldova. And of course worldwide via

His efforts promoting the music he loves has not gone unnoticed as the National TV & Radio Council of Latvia has awarded him for “Dance music development” in 2009.

Bogdan Taran and Max Lomov having a good time at a Soul and Kitchen in Riga, Latvia was born two years ago in 2010. “We actually wanted to make a regular FM-dance specialist station as we still don’t have any stylish EDM FM-station in Latvia,” he says. “But we didn’t win the competition for a frequency licence. So we decide to launch it over the net, especially as everything was prepared.”

The main idea behind the radio station is to fill a gap in the Latvian radio scene. “We wanted radio that plays cool and underground electronic dance music,” he says.
“We wanted a real station, not just random juke box like unfortunately many of the Internet-stations are. is a programmed web-radio with carefully selected and organized playlists and rotation.”

When you take a look at the schedule you quickly see what Bogdan Taran is talking about. includes a wide selection of shows with a unique touch. Shows from Christian Hornbostel, Copyright, Adam Beyer, Jimpster, Lars Behrenroth, Pete Gooding, Seamus Haji and more. We at Soul to Unite are so happy to share a slot with no other than Grant Nelson. And there’s also Cabrio hosted by Estonian dj’s and producers Dave Storm and Ricky Inch. Impressive schedule!

“We have radio shows from great DJs and presenters, who not only just put together a mix but produce great shows full of different features.”

For the Latvian and Russian-speaking people, also acts as a website with news from the music scene also promoting events associated with Bogdan Taran, Max Lomov, Amber Muse Records and

Bogdan definitely has eyes in the future too. With his background working with different projects from radio to TV to magazines, you can see him pushing things forward. “Maybe sometime we want to go on FM but the main focus is working on mobile applications for the station,” he says. “30% of the mobile phone market in Latvia is using mobile internet so it’s a logical step for us to be accessible with just one click. It’s almost a full time job to work on this.”

We here at Soul to Unite are very excited to see pushing things forward in Latvia and are keeping a close eye on things. Best of luck to the team! And to everyone who read this – have a look at and tune in to their live stream.

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