Soul to Unite

A chat with Franke Estevez

December 11, 2012

The star of the 129th episode of the Radio Hour is a New York based DJ and producer Franke Estevez. He has been in the house music time for a long time releasing quality soulful house music on this own Fuzion Records. In addition to that he’s had releases on Jellybean Soul and West End Records for example.

We love the sound Franke puts out and that’s why we approach him with the idea of putting together a special mix for the Radio Hour focusing on his own production and remixes. While you’re tuned in we have a little chat with the man for you to read.

Franke Estevez considers himself as both a DJ and a producer, who has been hooked to the sound of house music from the very beginning – mid-80′s. “I’ve always enjoyed the underground Dance Sound coming from Chicago to New York,” he says. Talking about his influences he names people like Marshall Jefferson, Steve Silk Hurley, Frankie Knuckles, Adonis.

When talking about his own achievements Franke Estevez is proud to say he has been remixing for major labels like Sony / BMG and worked with some amazing artists in the field - Barbara Tucker, Darryl D’Bonneau, Arnold Jarvis, Susu Bobien, Kenny Bobien, Viola Sykes. “And of course DJing around the world.”

Franke Estevez is very active on Soundcloud giving people access to his own truly uplifting productions. “These remixes on Soundcloud are a combination of both offficial and unofficial. Soundcloud has become a great outlet for me to share and show the house community around the world my production and Dj talent,” he says.

But whats new with Fuzion Records? “This year I’ve been focusing on remix production for other indie and major labels,” he says pointing out, that Fuzion is still very much an active label. “I needed to make some changes in 2012. Now, I believe can apply those changes thru my label. So expect much more music coming thru Fuzion Records in 2013.”

So before we go, what’s in store for the near future? “My future plans is to work with bigger and productive artist incorporating my sound in the dance & R&B mainstream market. Expect an album from me in 2013 interpreting my style of soul with a touch of dance, beats, and rhythm.”

We are very much looking forward to 2013 to see what Franke has in store for us. In the mean time tune in to his exclusive guest mix on Soul to Unite Radio Hour episode 129.

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