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Exclusive chat with Distant People

January 21, 2013
Distant People feature

Joey Silvero aka Distant People has produced music for quite many years and has become one of the most productive producers out there. Traxsource lists hundred of his productions, many of which have been released on major house music labels. We caught up with Joey to talk about his music and future plans.

Distant People has been around for about six years – it was back then when he seriously started to produce music. “I was listening to this amazing music, going out to various clubs all over the place and eventually started getting into it when I opened a record shop and ran that on my own for a few years. I was getting in to all types of music and thought I would like to make some of this stuff I’m going out each weekend to listen to and dance to.”

Joey Silvero keeps himself very busy. He has so many releases out and constantly working on new material. “I always try to do as many tracks as possible, I’m working on multiple tracks all the time,” he says. “I’m trying to slow down from doing that right now if I can, but always working on four to five tracks at the time and that’s probably why there are so many there.”

Most of Distant People jams can be considered soulful house, sometimes deeper, sometimes shinier. But it’s always soulful and in most cases with vocals. How do you approach making your music? “It’s always a bit different depending what I’m working on. If it’s something I’m going to start from scratch, there’s really no limitations. I can start with a bassline, I can start with the chords or whatever. If I got a vocal already I have know what key is it in and try to get a hook working with the vocal.”

But the most important thing for Joey is the bassline. “I always listen to the bassline because if you’re in the club or you’re listening on a good sound system, the baseline get’s you moving. Sometimes you hear a bassline before anything else and you instantly recognize it.”

Another thing really important is the vocals. “To be honest, a lot of the stuff… if it didn’t have vocals in it, it would still be a nice track, but you need the vocals. People get very familiar with it so it’s important to have good, strong vocal on your music.”

Any favourite vocalists then? “Oh gosh, there are so many,” he says. But there’s one very important singer for him – Taste D’Mour. “She’s done so much for me. I probably wouldn’t be doing half of the stuff I’m doing right now if it wasn’t all the help I get from Tasita. So obviously all the stuff she’s doing, love all the stuff. Natasha Watts is great. There’s loads…” He also mentions all the guys working with King Streets and Stephanie Cooke he is working with lately.

So, plans for 2013? “At the moment I’m finishing some Sister Pearl tracks which will be out on Tribe. They are kind of like ready but not mixed and mastered yet.” Joey is also working on two jams with Stephanie Cooke, one of which is going to be released on Danny Clark’s Solid Ground label. There are also remixes coming really soon, one for Oscar P for example. Out now is  DJ SGZ & Table Dace “Changes” which also includes Distant People remix.

With more than hundred releases on Traxsource one might think Distant People would have material for quite a few albums… “I haven’t thought about until somebody contacted me on Facebook just this week, another dj and producer from South Africa. We’re having a conversation about that in the moment and there is a possibility we might release some bits and pieces. It’s nothing I’ve thought about but the more and more I talked him about it the more interested I’m getting with it. So it’s possibility.”

To finish off the chat I asked about his favorite jams of the moment. The first coming to his mind is by Nay. “Soul Dynamic track on Tony Record “Love” with, didn’t mention her before, Angela Johnson, she’s really cool. Soul Dynamic also did a remix for King Street, I really love what those guys are doing.”

We are sure to keep a close eye and ear on everything coming from Distant People in 2013. Make sure you check the Radio Hour with Distant People.

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