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Current state of house and where it puts us

February 3, 2013
Current state of house

There’s a saying – everything that shines ain’t always gold. There’s also a saying – everything with a beat ain’t always house. This little truth gets twisted these days. There is a lot of music being promoted as house music, often described specifically as “deep house”. People in the know are upset, there’s a heated discussion going on on the interwebs. After following it quite a bit a few ideas come to mind.

House became (too) hip?

The problem (so to speak) is, that at some point house started to attract a wide(er) audience. Because people need to label things a lot of people not necessarily in the know started labelling just about any dance music to house. The same thing actually happened to techno a good few years ago. People in the techno-scene were upset! Now the time has come for house  - everything running about 126 beats per minute is suddenly house. And there are tons of monotonous loop-based “deep house” tracks being promoted and sold. And when there is a lot of crap (let’s be honest here) it is increasingly difficult for seriously talented producers to make themselves heard. Let’s face it – there’s very little money left in house music business. Labels used to be the ones picking out the producers who get their music pressed on vinyl and who needed to go back home and try again. Lack of quality control is one of the missing ingredients DJ’s and producers have pointed out. These days labels release just about anything to get at least some sort of much needed cash-flow. And actually, you don’t even need to be signed to a label to release your music – you can launch your own label and start uploading your stuff to Beatport.

Bottom line – there is a lot of music called house, little of it is actually house.

The real house is still going strong

There’s a shinier side of things. There’s still a lot of amazing house music being released. It’s just increasingly difficult to find it when there is so much crap and so much mediocre music being released on daily basis. But the really decent sounds of house are out there! And we’ve realised – this is where we (amongst other DJ’s, radio hosts) come in. I’m definitely not going to overemphasis the Soul to Unite Radio Hour but we do have an obligation. A responsibility. We have hundreds and thousands of listeners tuning in trusting our selection.

Preparing for each show we go through countless number of new tracks. We get loads of music sent to our inbox. The sad thing is that way too often we skip the track after fast forwarding it. But then we come across something amazing. And this feeling is worth the wait, worth every piece of crap we had to listen to get to the real thing. We have our favourite labels, favourite musicians. And we’re so happy when we discover new talent we’ve never heard before. We want to share it all!

We try to represent

Many if not most of our listeners are not “hard core” fans of house music. This is something we are very proud of. I personally know a lot of the listeners who don’t describe themselves as fans of house music. They listen all sorts of music but when it becomes to house they trust us. For those people we have an obligation – we need to deliver the true sound of house. We give our view of house. Sometimes it’s deep, sometimes it’s soulful. Very often it has jazzy vibes and afro beats. House music is a very wide term and that’s why it’s actually not surprising to see people getting the misled.

The current discussion about the health of house music is inevitable. It was bound to happen and it has happened before. It will happen again. It is our job to represent what we believe in. If you tune in to the Soul to Unite Radio Hour every now and then and enjoy what you hear then we have done our part. We have given you what we believe is the real house music.

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