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Kerri Chandler refuses to play commercial shit

February 5, 2013
Kerri Chandler

A few days ago house music legend Kerri Chandler was playing in Paris at a special “Legends” party at the Rex Club. Apparently someone from the crowd approached Kerri Chandler and asked him to play something Kerri is not too big of a fan of. He stopped his set right there, grabbed the mic and told everyone who expects him to play ‘David Guetta shit’ to get the fuck out.

Someone from the crowd managed to record a bit of the outburst and put it online.

This sort of thing always puts a smile on my face! Good work Kerri! That’s the way we need to go!

It makes me sad to think there are clubbers not having enough respect to DJ’s. Asking tracks from a DJ like Kerri Chandler is an insult.

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