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It’s all digital? Think again! Vinyl sales are skyrocketing!

February 6, 2013
Vinyl sales

The numbers from last year are in and they tell a remarkable story. The sales of vinyls records is rising fast. In fact faster the the growth of digital music sales. Truth is of course, that vinyls make out a very small percentage of total sales in music bis.

New York Daily News reports, according to the figures tallied by Nielsen SoundScan, sales of these dust magnets rose a whopping 19% over the year before. It’s the fifth consecutive cycle in which purchases in the format have increased, each time to levels beyond any previous year in the history of accurate sales accounting, which began with SoundScan more than two decades ago.

Things are looking nice a sunny for the equipment side of things too. The sales of turntables is expected to have a 40% growth.

Now one might think that the old geezers are sticking to vinyl while the youngsters are all iPod and iTunes. Again – not so true after all! According to figures compiled by the organizers of Record Store Day — which celebrates indie outlets that push all physical forms of music — 39% of their purchasers last year were under the age of 25. A staggering 81% fell below age 35.

To bring your euphoria down about we have to understand that vinyls are only a small fraction of music sold out there. Last year 4,6 million vinyl records were sold. That’s just 2,3% of total music market. But given the fact, that vinyl sales have been growing for the past five years this is indeed a proof of analogue recordings still having fans and attracting new ones.

Here’s to the vinyl sales!

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