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Disclosure success leaves somewhat baffled… In the best possible way

February 11, 2013

The UK based dance music duo Disclosure has reached number two in the UK singles chart with their latest jam “White Noise”. Chart success is nothing new to them as “Latch” reached 11th spot. In everything what is going on in the (house) music scene Disclosure’s success is phenomenal.

You would think that to reach singles chart with a dance track it would have to be EDM. Disclosure proves different. Their sound has underground house music feel to it, yet it’s appealing to millions of people across the globe. They’re playing at sold-out clubs and festivals and about to drop their first album in March this year.

About the same time last year brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence of Disclosure was just about to take off. They released “Tenderly / Fly” which gained radio support. On June 1st last year they released their EP The Face on London/Berlin based label Greco-Roman, to critical acclaim. One of the most popular remixes created by the duo is “Running” by Jessie Ware. The remix was popular during Summer 2012, with it being included on the annual edition of Annie Mac Presents.

You can see their success by just looking at the numbers on Soundcloud for example – ridiculous number of plays!

Mixmag points out, that the Disclosure’s chart success is a victory for dance music in general.

While there has been a lot of talk around the bastardisation of dance music thanks to the rise of EDM, kids like Guy and Howard are doing revolutionary things for themselves. They’re making inventive electronic music with mass appeal that is more nuanced than many other dance tracks currently occupying the Top 40. Maybe the band’s labelmate T Williams said it best when he toldMixmag, “People like Disclosure are pushing boundaries, doing it in the right way… It’s like back in the day, when a big underground garage tune would end up on Top Of The Pops.”

In March and April, the duo will take in a tour of the US, including a stop at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, where they’ll share the bill with the titans of EDM and commercial dance music. It’s new territory for them, but one that may prove fertile. As Machinedrum recently said to Mixmag, “[Americans have] changed their attitude, they’re looking for new sounds. Maybe from that a new underground scene will be birthed.”

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