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RedSeaDance: shaping up things in the Middle East

February 14, 2013

We continue to profile radio stations Soul to Unite Radio Hour is featured on. This time we’ve travelled to Egypt to learn more about RedSeaDanceRadio.

Soul to Unite Radio Hour airs on RedSeaDanceRadio every Tuesday. Check the website for more details.

Although the station kicked off in 2010 it all began a lot earlier for the station front man Pete Farmer. “My musical past really started at the age of seven when I was given my fathers Amstrad stereo unit which had microphones, tape deck and turntable,” Pete tells me. “From that I started to play radio DJs with my next door neighbor.” Very soon he discovered a way to truly broadcast his little station. “If you placed toy hand held walkie talkie next to a speaker you could broadcast on FM wave to a radio within short distance,” he laughs.

Dance music embassador to Egypt

Born and raised in the UK Pete Farmer started his djing career 23 years ago playing the local bars before getting spotted by a local club promoter. “From there DJ-ing dominated my life. Taking my music to as many venues across the UK was my mission, as well as playing underground parties and guest sessions on various pirate radio stations.”

The next milestone came with 2004 when he got a residency in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. “Being the   only UK DJ at the time gave me the full scope to dominate the British Dance scene out there. I have played every venue as well as promoting brands such as Pacha and Pangege.”

The history of RedSeaDance goes back to 2008. “It came about when we were thinking the name for an event I was part of holding in Sharm El Sheikh. “After the first event RedSeaDance was born and went into online promotions rather than into events at the start. We set up the first clubbing mailing list where we advertised events for promotions to locals within Sharm El Sheikh.” Not long after RedSeaDance went back into events under it’s own name and sub parties under the Seduction33 brand.

Pete Farmer

Quickly growing worldwide

RedSeaDanceRadio was born in 2010 when Pete Farmer was looking into ways broadcasting his mixes to his friends back in the UK. “After much trial and error to get a broadcaster broadcasting to my website I was in action. I started the station as a weekend pirate session with my mixes playing throughout.” Soon the station got noticed and his friends in the music business wanted to have their own shows too. “The weekend slots so got filled up, with the station growing in numbers every week. We opened up Mondays and Tuesdays and those slots were filled too.” To celebrate the stations first birthday RedSeaDanceRadio became a 24/7 station. Today RedSeaDanceRadio has listeners tuning in from more than 140 countries.

“I never imagine how fast the station would grow,” says Pete. At first the idea was to broadcast my own mixes, then suddenly it was promoting house music across the Egypt and Middle East. “It always amazes me when I look at the stats to see which countries are playing our sounds, we are strong in America, UK, Russia and Europe in general.”

RedSeaDance – an empire

RedSeaDance is becoming a small empire. With the station running 24/7 and DJ’s on board producing quality shows the next natural step as Pete Farmer points out is the label. And it’s isn’t something starting quietly – after just one year the have 100 releases out. “It is hit or miss if a product works, lucky for us we seem to be working well with sales up and productions hitting the spot within the genres aimed at. Our next big release for RedSeaDanceRecords is from the legend that is Des Mitchell as he teams up with Sara Scott (Divine Inspiration) to bring you a vocal dance anthem entitled “Desire” with a string of Remixes from some big names which will really lift the labels name this year.”

Keeping the action going in the Middle East one can not go without thinking how the recent events in the region have affected the entertainment business over there. “I have seen Egypt shape up in a very positive way within the dance scene. A lot of underground parties have sprung up across Cairo as the younger DJ’s are able to give people the escape of the events of Egypt with music.” He continues to say there is a lot of talent in Egypt, especially in the Sharm El Sheikh where most of the worlds largest club brands are opening up venues giving the local DJ’s a chance to prove themselves.

“Despite the state of Egypt I honestly see the dance scene growing in the future as more of the younger generation turn to music for escapism and pure enjoyment of being able to express themselves all in the bracket of ‘The Love Of!’”

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