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Traktor comes to iPad

February 21, 2013
Traktor DJ

Digital DJing has touched the tablets for a while now with different apps trying to bring serious DJing to tablets. But it always is a big thing when a big player in the market hits with its own offering. Native Instruments has just launched Traktor DJ for iPad. Does this mean that touch-enabled devices are the next big thing in DJing?

We haven’t tried out the new app just yet but with a price tag of some 20 USD it isn’t too much. Of course it is hard to tell how well it will actually work in a club environment. On the other hand NI is a big player by any means and they couldn’t afford to release a crappy piece of app. So it must work. Other developers have had their try at touch-djing for a while now and there are some successful and some less successful apps out there. But what Native Instruments is trying to do is to bring the Traktor experience to iPad.

So what does it offer? Gestures – iOS multi-touch pinch and zoom has been put in use; you also get access to iTunes library and you can sync it with Traktor Pro to get the meta data like loops, comments and more – one of the most important features; you also got things like tap to loop, cue points, loops – stuff you come to expect from Traktor.

There are two decks, 3-band EQ and 8 built-in effects like delay, reverb, filter.

For us the most interesting part is the sync option, taken care via Dropbox. This essentially allows you to use the Traktor DJ for iPad as an preparation tool. You can sync tracks of interest, save your loops and get your set laid out nice and smooth. Then sync it with your Traktor Pro to deliver it on the more traditional equipment.

But if you want to use just the Traktor DJ for iPad you can throw a hell of a party with it. And sound quality is now issue – using the camera connection kit for iPad you can connect your iPad to Traktor Audio 6 or 10 and boom your rockin’ it!


We have a 1st iPad laying around so we were hoping we could use it for preparations. Sadly not because it required iOS 6 meaning old iPad is a no-go.

We’re surely going to try this out!

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