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Louie Vega and Elements of Life come with a new album

March 14, 2013
Elements of Life

A lot of albums finding their way to the shelves. A week ago we were treated with a new album from Marc Evans. Later in March the second album from Liquideep will see the light of day. But even before that house music heavyweight Louie Vega and his Elements of Life present their latest work ‘Eclipse’.

The album will be released next week, on March 19th and showcases 17 brand new tracks fro Louie Vegas live orchestral project. With Elements of Life Grammy-award winning Louie Vega always touches the side of afro, latin and world music. This album is no exception and continues to deliver the sound we have become to love so much. The true quality of live music.

Traxsource reports, the Album also includes “EOL Soulfrito” an homage to Fania Records through interpretations and remixes of classic Fania songs performed by the Elements Of Life in a 33-minute sound collage as well as six more bonus tracks.

‘Eclipse’ is released on Fania Records and is the first new artist album Fania is releasing in years.

“At that time I started working on my new Elements Of Life album. Fania was already aware of my previous E.O.L. albums and when they got wind, they wanted to hear it. Once they heard it, they were very interested in signing it. I was in awe of the idea. Things really would go full cycle being on Fania Records.”

Elements of Life has been running for more than four years and with the new album it takes a closer look to soul, R&B, gospel and even blues. Yet keeping the original afro-latin vibe known from their previous works.

Joining Elements Of Life on this album are singers Lisa Fischer and Cindy Mizelle, and poets Ursula Rucker and Oveous Maximus as well as percussionist Luisito Quintero. Also featuring on the album is Anane who made a huge impact with her album Ananesworld three years ago.

Lisa and Cindy have brought in their Gospel and R&B influences, and have even experimented with Jazz, Funk, and House. They performed backgrounds on live shows for many years for artists like Luther Vandross, the Rolling Stones, Steely Dan, Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige to name a few. For years Vega wanted to do a project and take Lisa and Cindy from the background to the forefront as leads.

Rounding out the stellar talent are poets Ursula Rucker and Oveous Maximus who bring their storytelling and poetry in the form of spoken word to E.O.L. As Vega states, “It was all perfect for the new album.” Ongoing themes for the new album are about reaching out to our young generation, and paying homage to women. Vega adds, “I feel in these times we need songs like this to help inspire moves.”

Vega concludes, “It’s a true honor for me to be the first new artist album signed to Fania Records in years. It really comes full circle now, being able to be on the label my uncle Hector Lavoe was on and the Fania All Stars who are also great inspirations for me. Fania Records is to Latin music what Motown is to R&B and Soul, so to be even a small page in this encyclopedia of music is a dream come true for me.”

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