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DJ Sneak slams Armand Van Helden

March 25, 2013
Armand Van Helden

Not too big of a fan when people start slamming each other. This kind of behaviour seems to be the case in the hiphop scene but every now and then something like this pops up in the house music scene too.

I guess DJ Sneak had to be really pissed after playing at Cameo in Miami last night where he was one of the DJ’s alongside Armand Van Helden. DJ Sneak had several posts on his Twitter account claiming Van Helden killed the vibe with his EDM.

“Cameo Miami: last night was going well till one Van Helden dude killed the vibe, totally out of line….garbage EDM shit.”

The Toronto DJ then said he was ‘embarrassed’ by Van Helden, and has banned him from playing any Xmix parties in the future.

DJ Sneak has had strong opinions before as he had a few things to say about Swedish House Mafia too…

With out a doubt Armand Van Helden has been a very influential figure in the house music scene over the time. And people do change – everyone has a right to be who he/she wants to. Indeed there have been house music producers who have turned into something we don’t appreciate that much any more. But heading out to Twitter to say not one thought but a few too many is another thing. Not sure if I’d do it. But then again…

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