Soul to Unite

About Soul to Unite

Soul to Unite started out early 2008 with one big goal in mind – to launch an infection music radio show. After four years and 125 episodes of the Soul to Unite Radio Hour we are ready to bring you the biggest update in Soul to Unite history. From late 2012 Soul to Unite has become an online house music movement.


The Soul to Unite official website you are on right now has turned into an (house) music online magazine with exclusive interviews, articles, features, special mixes, audio, video and more. It is still the home for Soul to Unite Radio Hour too, but more about that later.

In the era of social media with services like Twitter and Facebook connecting everyone, we have realised that this has also lead to a more undesired situation – lack of depth. We are not all about short messages and status updates – Soul to Unite online mag is here to give you more insight of what’s going on in the house music. We are about the people, the ideas, the trends if you will.

Soul to Unite website is for anyone who is not turned away by soulful grooves. This website is not just for house music fans who know a thing or two but for anyone who has a few minutes to spare and would like to spend it with us.

Our goal is to give you an entertaining yet informative online magazine you come back to. Just because you know there is interesting stuff to read, watch and listen.

Soul to Unite Radio Hour

With one hundred strong podcast episodes Soul to Unite Radio Hour has become a radio show enjoyed by thousands all over the world. From Estonia to South Africa, from United States across the Europe and Asia to Japan. With the new approach the radio hour is only getting better and more entertaining.

Every two week we give you a fresh episode of house music delivered by Estonian very own SD & Cordis. You’ll get the run-down of the biggest features on Soul to Unite website, hear hottest tunes of the moment and we take you deep in to the crates to treat you with true classics from decades back.

Every now and then we give you guest mixes on the Radio Hour focusing on notable producers, labels and dj’s. We also have interviews on the show which are also for reading on our website.

To enjoy the Soul to Unite Radio Hour subscribe to the podcast. Only then you can listen the show when ever you desire on anything that plays digital music – mp3 players, smartphones, tablets and of course computers. Read more about podcasting from here.