Soul to Unite


Hit the links below to choose whether you want the regular MP3 podcast or the enhanced one for iTunes and iDevices.

Subscribing to the podcast is the best way to get every show delivered as soon as we have uploaded it. To subscribe using your PC or Mac we suggest using iTunes. Hit the enhanced version link above to be taken to iTunes Store where you can subscribe. Alternatively launch up your iTunes Store and search for ‘soul to unite’ and subscribe to enhanced version.

Benefits of enhanced podcast – you can jump back and forward by selecting individual tracks featured on the show. It also doubles as an built-in tracklisting.

Side note: iTunes Store also allows you to subscribe to a regular MP3 podcast distributed by SS Radio UK.

Podcasting on mobile devices

If you are using iPhone, iPad or an iPod syncing your device with your PC or Mac also allows you to sync your favourite podcasts to your device. Connect your device to your computer and have a look at the ‘Podcasts’ tab in device management. Select the enhanced Soul to Unite podcast and you’re good to go. You have additional options there as well.

If you’re using an Android-powered device we suggest using an app called PocketCasts. It is a powerful app allowing you to search, subscribe and manage your podcasts. After installing use the search function to search for ‘Soul to Unite’.

The search results come up with both enhanced and regular MP3 version (via SS Radio UK). In practice there is no difference as both act the same – sadly Android devices can not take full advantage of enhanced chaptered files so they both play back as a regular MP3 files. However by subscribing to enhanced version you get the cover art and show notes.