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Blueday Stereo feat. Jocelyn Mathieu – Just Fly

February 28, 2013
Just Fly
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When I first heard it I was blown away. Ok I heard the preview on Traxsource but none the less ‘Just Fly’ sounded amazing. I got a weakness for the hip-house feel tracks with strong spoken word or rap-type of vocals. And when there is a touch of jazz added to the pile I’m hooked. So in to the cart the package went.

Then I got thrown back a bit. After listening to all the mixes full length I was kind of disappointed. Not much but kind of. When you listen to a clip of any of the mixes you get struck by the raw energy of it. Yet when you realise the whole track goes by the same flow I kind of disappoints for a sec. I was hoping for some sort of eternal buildup I guess… Keeping that in mind my favourite remix out of the punch is Dagui Rodann In Da Funk Mix which probably falls in to the indie disco genre. The tempo here is slower compared to house remixes but the production as a whole is more diverse keeping you hooked throughout and waiting for whats to come. In a way there is a hunch of Daft Punk here…

The other one we are going to play quite a bit is the original. There isn’t too much hip-house our there (is this even hip-house?) but when I get my hands on it I love it. This definitely goes for the original somehow reminding jams featuring Capitol A – a vocal artists we’re a big fan of.

There’s also a Claude Monnet remix which I can see us spinnin at clubs and on the Radio Hour for sure. There’s a touch of oldschool here but most likely is in need for some additional beats and elements. Traktor Remix Decks – I’m looking at you.

‘Just Fly’ by Blueday Stereo with Jocelyn Mathieu is a delight to anyone who would like to go back to the days. It’s not necessarily oldschool but it sure does have it’s share of the feeling from way way back. And that’s a very good thing!

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