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Gussy – Miss E

March 6, 2013
Gussy - Miss E
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Another jackin’ rappin’ jumpin’ house tune in the playlist for us! Gussy treats us with ‘Miss E’ released on 294 Records. Gussy is known for putting out quality jackin’ house tracks and with a serious pace too. Traxsource lists more than 20 original productions and remixes associated with him from this year alone. Does this mean it’s all the same? So and so. But let’s focus on ‘Miss E’ working big time on Traxsource sales chart.

Miss E is of course Missy Elliot and she’s responsible for the vocals here. Essentially this is a bootleg of her ‘Work It’. We suspect she doesn’t have the slightest idea of this but we here appreciate the work Gussy has put into this.

There are four versions of the jam in the pack – original plus remixes from Delgado, David Glass, Lucas Rezende.

Delgado treats us with a darker ride. Bassline working the hell out of some decent speakers making sure your neighbours know you are into something with a deep bassline. It’s not as jackin’ but then again who said it should be. Very nice tool for a DJ who wants to work his set. This remix is rocking! Missy’s vocals are all sliced up and filtered and indeed it works the floors like magic. There are two major drops coming from the filtered vocals – heavy!

Next up we have David Glass taking care with his view of Gussy’s work. He has chosen to pitch-down the vocals so it sounds more like a dude telling you the ‘flip it and reverse it’. There aren’t too many layers here keeping things rather simple. It can work, it will work, but it will need some attention.

Lucas Rezende takes a more soulful approach. The production doesn’t change too much with a rather simple bassline and beats going through the track from the beginning to the very end. Some filtered Missy Elliot but that’s about it. Sadly nothing too special here.

And of course there’s the original which is making the biggest sales right now. Although we tend to lean towards the Delgado remix we can see why the original is making big waves. The bassline is catchy enough to work any dance floor. Gussy builds up a decent trop a couple of times. There is still loads of playground for a creative DJ who can use loops and cuepoints to make sure this track gets the love it deserves.

But we’re picking Delgado remix to be our favourite. Expect this to be in our playlist throughout the year.

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