Soul to Unite

Peven Everett – Black Boy

December 29, 2012
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The brand new release on UDM Show is a treat to anyone loving some uptempo soulful house. The distinctive Peven Everett is back with Black Boy!

We’ve always loved Peven’s music and his vocals. He has a unique style but sometimes it gets just a tiny but too predictable. Is this the case with his latest? Nope!

If you don’t count the instrumentals you are getting four remixes here.

Souldynamic kicks things off with a soulful club-oriented remix giving you nice & dark bassline pumpin’ in the background.

Then we have Washerman remix taking you to a bit deeper ride. In a way its a bit simpler with less layers so to speak, but it works well. Very nice work on the keyboards!

We were very excited to see Dalminjo providing one remix. We love his style and with this remix he is on top of things. Compared to Washerman and Souldynamics remixes this one has a bit more punch and is sharper on the sides. If we would leave it here, this would be our favourite remix. But there is one more…

Diephuis gives a soul remix, which kicks off with a nice piano solo before turning all attention to the uptempo sound. Diephuis has put together a truly funky remix with layers just enough to let Peven Everett shine. Love the piano taking us throughout the track adding that one extra ingredient to make it perfect.


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