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Random Soul – Live For The Moment

February 21, 2013
Random Soul
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Husky & Yogi of Random Soul have been in the spotlight for quite a few years now. They’ve had many successful releases and have become an important part of the soulful house music scene. ’Live For The Moment’ is their first full length album and we’re enjoying every bit of it.

Random Soul has accomplished something that is often out of reach for many (dance) music producers. ‘Live For The Moment’ is not a compilation of stand-alone tracks so to speak but an experience as a whole. It’s a treat to any soulful music fan. Fifteen tracks of pure bliss.

The album kicks off with ‘Another Day’ with Chuck Love, a truly uplifting start to the album right before taking it down with a nice mellow laidback jam of ‘I Live For The Moment’ featuring Krista Pearson. There are quite many collaborations on the debut album from Random Soul. In addition to Krista Pearson and Chuck Love there is also Kyla Sexton, Natalie Conway, Joshua Heath and Louis Hale. Many of the male vocals are taken care by Yogi of Random Soul.

To describe the album I’d have to say it’s a funky and somewhat jazzy side of house. ‘Hooken Upon Your Love’ is a good proof of that with its uptempo groove and funky guitar and sax riffs. This one is followed by ‘Are We’ continuing the same uptempo flow. We can see the crowds reacting well to the wonderful voice of Kyla Sexton.

Next to more uplifting tracks there are a few downtempo ones too. Like ‘One Night’ or ‘Problems In Strenght’. The latter one is rather different from most of the other tracks on the album – an laidback instrumental groove. Theres another one of that type of jam finishing off the album. There’s also ‘Time To Funk’ with Joshua Heath – funky spoken word track with sax solos throughout the jam.

What I appreciate most of the album is the feeling throughout the album. You are sure to listen without any needs or wants to skip a track or fast-forward. If you’re looking for something with a flow, with a meaning and vision ‘Live For The Moment’ is your choice. I can see this one being timeless.

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