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Random Soul – Mysterious

February 6, 2013
Random Soul - Mysterious
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Australian duo of Husky & Yogi aka Random Soul is putting out steady stream of releases. Their album ‘Live For The Moment’ is about to drop so we are seeing a the first single being pushed out to the public to be picked up. ‘Mysterious’ and sees Richard Earnshaw giving his take on things alongside edits by Husky & Yogi themselves.

‘Mysterious’ is a disco-flavored uplifting house jam with Yogi giving

Richard Earnshaws take is something we would expect from one of the scene’s most recognised remixers. Compared to original his versions are more to the soulful side of things. Next to Richard Earnshaw’s vocal there are also dub, instrumental and dubstrumental. Guess we need all four then :)

There are total of 8 tracks in the package which means Australian boys themselves are responsible for the other five. We got the extended vocal, Yogi & Husky vocal and two instrumentals.

The extended is the most soulful here while the Yogi & Husky vocal takes aim at the dancefloor. The instrumentals will be a nice toy for DJs to get creative. Both of the versions allow some creative mixing on top because of the lovely flow both deliver. We can see us thinking of something to do with these two.

We are going to pick extended vocal as our favourite from the bunch.

If we have to give ratings then the truth is the first single ‘Mysterious’ ain’t anything too special. It’s a good release and we’ll surely be playing it but we have a feeling there’s more to come from Random Soul!

Looking forward to the new Random Soul album to be released really soon!

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